Associate Contracting Electrical have the ability to perform all sorts of high voltage and low voltage cable laying services, using quality cable winches, motorized drum stands and cable trailers. Where it’s 16mm2 streetlight cable or 400mm2 HV feeder cable, we have the experience, tools and equipment to get the job done safely, efficiently and to the highest of standards, every time.

We have the equipment and ability to successfully deliver cable-laying installations utilising both open-cut and trenchless technologies. We have experience performing large-scale cable laying projects for some of the biggest communications and utilities suppliers in Australia, delivering our services predominantly to the Karratha area, WA.


When it comes to cable jointing of any kind, high voltage or low voltage, it is essential that you have qualified and experienced electricians with a high level of skill doing your cable jointing operations. Our team of master electricians at Associate Contracting Electrical have extensive experience in high voltage jointing, and are also low voltage jointing Horizon Power accredited – meaning you can rely on ACE to get the job done to the highest quality.


With over 20 years experience in the industry, Associate Contracting Electrical has the knowledge and experience necessary to safely efficiently make sure all high voltage and low voltage networks are tested, and safe for energising. Using megger test and other high voltage testing technologies, ACE can perform cable testing ranging from very low frequencies, to 5000v insulation resistance testing.


Associate Contracting Electrical have been providing communications cabling for over 20 years… from kilometres of optic fibre, to small copper lines to your house, we can get you connected in no time! We have the experience and equipment for optic fibre hauling, optic fibre slicing, copper jointing and a certified cable winch.


Our industry experience has provided us with the knowledge, equipment and techniques to efficiently find any faults in your service. Our experienced high voltage electricians operate state-of-the-art HV surge generator (Thumpers) TDR and sheath fault locator devices.